C64 Tribute

This is a project I have thought about for a long long time.. 🙂 Finally I have started it!
It is a tribute to the old C64 game “Space Taxi”. I call mine “STARCAB” and the idea is to use C64 color palette graphics with modern game techniques as parallax scrolling and stuff.

Here is a very early video of the project:

The original game which I found just a couple of years ago. I found it highly additive 🙂


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Asteroids – Classic GFX.

Here is a short video of the “classic” version of Asteroids.

This game will support two modes where you can select classic or modern graphics.

During this project I am experimenting with a new event-driven scene graph. The intention is to make a major overhaul of the internals of bouncin once I feel happy with the new design.

To be continued..


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Level selection menu, start, back buttons etc.

Here is another update, nothing much to show but a lot of internal code changes.

– Memory handling (Implemented asset manager and internal memory checks.)
– Menu to select level.
– Play/Back buttons.
– Possible to play and retry level.

A video showing screen transition between level select and gameplay. Also demonstrating end level by failing or reaching the goal.

To be continued..

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Summer vacation! Great time to get some stuff done.. NOT!

With the few weeks of warm weather and sun that we get in Sweden, I have prioritised enjoying the Stockholm summer!

However, here is a very small update with  a draft implementation of the HUD in bouncin.

The HUD consist of:

– An indicator where the player can see which direction he is steering the ball.

– A name of the level.

– A break-brick counter, shows how many bricks remaining to break.

The information is read from the level map and displayed in the top of the screen.

To be continued..

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