Update…and another update

After quite a pause in development of B2, I finally got some time over to sit down and do some work. Mainly it has been to generalize as much as possible regarding tiles and their behaviours, as well as decoupling certain parts of the app heavily. All this to make future updates more pleasant. And adding new functionality whenever I get new ideas, less error prone.
In the midst of all this, I got a reminder from Google about some issues with Marble Falls. Turns out that the quite old AIR SDK it was developed with has some Open SSL vulnerabilities, and that if not addressed the app might be taken down from the store. So… After a couple of hours, downloading a new SDK, fiddling with old certificates (and lost passwords thereof)…getting my old IntelliJ to even build the project (ages since I had that IDE open!)…was a struggle. Finally, I got a new build that seems to work, on at least own my two phones and tablet. And without any newly introduced bugs…or other weird behaviour. Yeai! And just now, I went through the procedure of updating the apk and everything that comes with that process, in the store. So, feel free to update your own copy of Marble Falls – if you’re one of the few still out there. 😉

Over and out…

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Side project finished

Even though heavily down-scaled due to much at work, the side-project was considered finished last night. Above is an overview of most of the screens, which I tried to place as true to the game flow and environment as possible. Most of the time went into getting back on track with my drawing, since all the backgrounds and characters are made on my tablet. Some illustrations in the books in the ‘library’, are existing images…though heavily edited of course.

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Small side project

Making a small interactive puzzler for a friends kids birthday. The game is about finding a lost magic staff. Apart from solving puzzles in-game, it also involves finding real-world items, that will give him hints about advancing the story.

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STARCAB – Introducing fuel

A lot of “under the hood” work to improve the code has been done. Cleaner and more stable code which is easier to extend has been my focus. Some new graphics and level design + music has been drafted for future levels.

The new feature in the game is fuel. The taxi now consume fuel, which you can buy by landing on a fuel platform and pay money to fill the tank. If the taxi runs out of fuel, you loose a life.

Here is a short video on the fuel process:

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