STARCAB level design

Initial level design for STARCAB was created.

Some facts:
STARCAB is tribute to the old commodore 64 game Space Taxi by John Kutcher in 1984.

The game is built with the unity game engine and use a color palette of 16 colours based on the original C64 colours.

The idea is to make a retro style game with only 16 colors and a joystick with only one single button. All text use a commodore 64 font.
With these retro elements we add modern game elements such as modern music, parallax scrolling and physics.

All music is created with an m-audio keyboard plugged into garageband.

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First passenger ride + more!

Here is an update on the StarCab project.

The game now supports joystick, I use a classic Atari 2600 joy for PC (usb).
It is now possible to pick up at customer with the taxi and ride it and drop off on the target platform.
Collission is working, crashing and destroying both the taxi and customers.

A time-bar is in development, it will counting down from the time when a customer is picked up and until it is dropped of on the destination. The quicker the transport the more money will you earn.


If there are passengers that is not visible on the screen a direction arrow is shown to guide the driver to the pickup.

Here is a video on the first pickup ever!

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C64 Tribute

This is a project I have thought about for a long long time.. πŸ™‚ Finally I have started it!
It is a tribute to the old C64 game “Space Taxi”. I call mine “STARCAB” and the idea is to use C64 color palette graphics with modern game techniques as parallax scrolling and stuff.

Here is a very early video of the project:

The original game which I found just a couple of years ago. I found it highly additive πŸ™‚


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Bouncin 2


A while ago I hade some ideas of new tile types and functionality in our old game Bouncin. Because of the ‘not so ideal’ structure of the code, I started looking at rewriting the greater part of the ‘engine’. Partly because I wanted to utilize hardware acceleration (not that itΒ΄s really needed) but also to get an easier interface for adding new functionality down the road. On top of all that, I had some thoughts on releasing a limited version of the ‘inhouse’ editor, with tablet sized screens in mind. Although that is whole other chapter in a possible sequel anyways. Above you have an early screenshot – gfx highly mockup!

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