STARCAB – Introducing fuel

A lot of “under the hood” work to improve the code has been done. Cleaner and more stable code which is easier to extend has been my focus. Some new graphics and level design + music has been drafted for future levels.

The new feature in the game is fuel. The taxi now consume fuel, which you can buy by landing on a fuel platform and pay money to fill the tank. If the taxi runs out of fuel, you loose a life.

Here is a short video on the fuel process:

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Bouncin 2 – auto moving tiles

The other night, I sat down trying to figure out the best way to prioritize between the tiles that are set to move automatically. Wanted to keep it as simple as possible, not forcing the level designer to have to set this manually, since this can/will also be quite hard to predict in more complex levels anyway. Above is a short screen cap, showing debug gizmos for the colliders I use to raycast if destination is free etc.

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