Gimbal Games was created in 2007 by us, Tobias Niva and Christopher Borger when we decided to work together on our shared hobby: Games.

This is something we do on our spare time, for fun and without any serious commercial intention. We love games and enjoy the creativity and challanges to create them.
Our ambition level have been rather high from the beginning, were we have worked with both free and commercial game engines such as Unity, Ogre3d, Torque Game Engine, UE (Unreal Engine), libGDX…to name a few.

With our limited spare time, (having jobs and family) lately we have changed our strategy to focus on smaller games that work on multiple platforms. An example of this is “Bouncin” which is a small and addictive puzzle game on Android. We hope to create games that you will enjoy!

You can reach us by sending an email to info [at] gimbalgames.com

/ Christopher & Tobias @ Gimbal Games